Vision e Virasat has a vision of its own. We have taken over from our ancestors & owe it to our children. Brain child of two individuals who over have been directly connected to social well being, of the society, journalism and philanthropy.
We have lots of such things in our possession like OKHLI, HOOKAH, RADIO, PAANDAAN, ALARM CLOCK, TALWAR, CHARKHA, STOVE, SILBATTA, CHAKKI etc.

An organization, with unique heritage conservation concept. Its aim is to protect and conserve the treasures of post independence rich Indian heritage and showcase them to provide a glimpse to future generations so that they can visualize those things that have remained in the confines of the text books. We have also launched a campaign named KABAAD SE JUGAAD or “BEST OUT OF WASTE”, where we teach how to make best use of commonly discarded bio degradable & non bio degradable material.

We are in the process of establishing an exclusive museum in the NCR. Here we would display curios, traditions, professions, crafts etc, which were in the practice up till last few decades. These have become a thing of past due to the change of habits needs or technological development that have taken place.

We have lots of such things in our possession like OKHLI, HOOKAH, RADIO, PAANDAAN, ALARM CLOCK, TALWAR, CHARKHA, STOVE, SILBATTA, CHAKKI etc. Our collection includes old coins, postcards even old stationary and traditional jewellary. Further to enhance our effort and our commitment toward the future generations. We would preserve this heritage and display such objects for public, with special emphasis to school going children. Some old professions like BHISTI (water carrier), RAFOOGAR (darner), and KATIB (calligrapher) will also find a place in our museum.

Different diminishing modes of transport like IKKA, TONGA, BAILGADI would be made available for first hand experience. Plants like CHAMPA, CHAMELI, CHANDAN, KALPVIKSHA etc, would also find a special place in our museum.

Personal belongings of the well known personalities of our era like scientists, writers, sportsmen, actors, politicians, social activists, would find a special place in an exclusive section. These personalities would reveal the secret MANTRA of their success to the upcoming generation.

We are accepting such curios or objects for our museum. We will display such gifts as our pride collection. We will also mention the name of the donor and his memories associated with the object.

Today our society is facing the menace of waste materials, both from degradable & non bio degradable. Disposal of these items is difficult day by day. We at vision e virasat have launched a special campaign in order to find a viable solution for the same. In our endeavor is to educate the masses to make best use of bio degradable and non degradable waste and other discarded material. We are using this material to make creative objects. Our experts are specialized in this unparallel craft. In order to preserve the environment, our experts developed 282 items from commonly available waste material. We have organized special workshops for street children, students, housewives and corporate.

Our organization is teaching them to produce artistic objects which lend uniqueness to our surroundings, and grace to our daily lives. At the same time it saves our planet from man made destruction.

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